Totter Mini – FAQ

Totter Mini FAQ’s


What is the point of Totter Mini?

It’s a game meant to test players’ balancing skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. It’s fun and simple to play and at the end of each game, players have a chance to spend the coins they earned in the game on food for their character. This teaches players how to pick and choose what to buy depending on how much “money” they have.


How do I play?

Players must keep their character balanced for as long as possible, until they reach the end of the game. In order to do so, players will need to tap on either side of their character to account for the character’s wobbling (Hint: tap the green hands when they light up!).


Where do I tap to keep my character balanced?

You can tap any spot on the screen, and the App will read your touch and tip the character towards the opposite side from your touch. Imagine a vertical line going through the middle of your screen, and you can tap on either side.


I can’t stay balanced — help!

Try different techniques: Use your thumbs or index finger, or both index and middle fingers. Also try different speeds and strengths, and make sure to tap both sides of the character, compensating for the tilt. The more and harder you tap on one side the stronger the pull will be for the character to tip towards that side. Gentle tapping often works best, but if you are tottering too far to one side, you will need to tap furiously to rebalance your character.  Don’t give up, you’ll get the hang of it!


How do I buy food for my character?

Very simple! You just need to drag each coin into the designated slots for the food you wish to purchase. Make sure you have enough coins though because you can’t buy half a cake or milkshake unfortunately!


How do I feed my character?

Simply drag the food up to the character’s mouth and hold it there while they chomp away!


My fingers hurt, help!

Have you tried using your toes? Try taking a break and coming back to it once your fingers don’t hurt anymore.


Can I still play if I’m not connected to the Internet?

Yes, you can play!


Tell me about the design.

Acclaimed animation director Jason Jameson created the App’s hand-drawn colorful, pencil sketch character design, graphics and animation style. It’s a classic design that is visually appealing and easy to look at even after long periods of time.


I love the characters, will there be new ones?

We are currently working on producing more high quality characters for you to play with, so stay tuned for an update!


Tell me about the music and sound.

The aim for the sounds in Totter Mini was to motivate the player while keeping the game light and playful. We decided on INSERT SONG.


How do I mute the sound?

You can press the mute button (looks like a speaker) at any time to mute the sound.


When will Totter Mini come to other platforms?

Totter Mini is currently exclusively available on the Apple App Store, but may be released on other platforms in the coming months.


Why is my game running so slowly?

Totter Mini is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 2 and newer, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th generation, and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Totter Mini will still run on earlier iPhone, iPad, and iPod models, but you may notice some delays in the App.


My game has stopped working, help!

Quit Totter Mini, and restart your device. If the problem persists, please contact our technical team at


Can I play against other players?

No, unfortunately that is not a feature thus far.


What is your privacy policy?

We do not collect personally identifiable information about you. We do not use or collect your precise geographic location. When using Facebook, Twitter, or Game Center through our App, you are subject to each of their privacy policies, which can be found on their respective websites. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at


What is your legal statement?

This application is not intended to be used with content that infringes on the rights (including copyright) of any other party, violates any laws, contributes to or encourages infringing or otherwise unlawful conduct, or is obscene, objectionable or in poor taste.


I love Totter Mini, and I have some ideas and suggestions.

That’s awesome! We love hearing feedback, so please feel free to shoot us an email at


We hope this was helpful, for all other questions, contact us at