Coming soon on Android

Unanico Studio Interactive’s new App game, Tottter, uses a simple tapping system in order to earn points. Totter is the latest cyber balancing game that allows you to test your dexterity and reaction skills. The purpose of the game is to keep the character balanced on the tip for as long as possible by tapping on either side of the character. The rules of the game are straightforward, but Totter will challenge and keep you stimulated to want more.

Acclaimed animation director Jason Jameson created the App’s classic, hand-drawn, black and white pencil sketch character design, graphics and animation style. Totter features thousands of character and accessory combinations to keep players visually engaged, while the jaunty “One-Man Band” by Ted Weems Orchestra plays in the background.

Simply download the free Totter app exclusively from the App Store to your iOS handheld device and experience the game for yourself.

Totter was created by Unanico Studio Interactive in order to provide a fun and healthy outlet for players’ daily stress, through an addictive, minimalistic game.


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