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Fell in love with Totter? Your kids will too! From the makers of the game reviewed as “most addictive app ever” comes, Totter Mini!

Though there are parallels between Totter and Totter Mini, including the beautiful graphics, concept of cyber balance, and jaunty music, the similarities end there. Totter Mini is a three stage game with cyber balance, coin spending, and character feeding. Each stage stimulates different parts of childrens’ brains:

The balancing part tests their hand-eye coordination
Coin spending part test their judgement and counting skills
The feeding part is a moment of pure fun and relaxation

Acclaimed animation director Jason Jameson created the App’s unique and colorful designs along with charming characters, each with their own personality.

Play with Popstar Cat, Cowboy Elephant, Pirate Crocodile or Witch Mouse — there’s a character for everyone!



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